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Most days we have deliveries of new and exciting fabrics and this one just about tops them all!  This is the new Kruger design from Jane Shipley who is clearly a super talented artist.  The design is very intricate and it seems that no matter how long you study it you will always discover something new.  

Giraffes are always my favourite whenever we go to the zoo which isn't quite as often now that our sons are teenagers.  Sometimes we can still persuade the youngest (15 today) to come with us even though he'd much rather be playing on his xBox. 

There are some other fabrics in this range that are ready to be cut including the Extinct pattern velvet and the Rousseau.  I'm off back into my favourite spot in the factory to do a little bit of experimenting with pom pom trims and velvets..... I may be some time!

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