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 Quality Champagne Cushions

Champagne and gold are the very definitions of luxury. Are you looking to add golden glamour to your interior? Search no further than our opulent champagne cushion covers. These cushions covers make perfect additions to your elegantly styled bedroom or classic living room.


Because of the historical associations with champagne, this range of cushions is effortlessly chic. Covers in the colour of champagne have strong associations with swanky occasions. A popping cork as the clock chimes twelve on New Year's Eve has become a much-loved tradition. Champagne marks special events, and therefore the colour also has a lovely significance.


So, perhaps you're not toasting a swish occasion with champagne every day in your living rooms! However, achieving a sophisticated finish to your favourite spaces, pair a set of champagne fabric cushions with throws to style your sofa.

Champagne-coloured cushions and covers feature shimmering metallic finishes and elegant sheen highlights. A striking feature might be a shabby chic geometric design completed with a set of champagne and gold plain cushions.

Champagne cushions are highly luxurious. Much like the bubbly instead of standard white wine, a set of luxury light-coloured champagne cushions are a glamorous alternative. The look and feel of the cushions you choose won't disappoint.

The champagne and gold cushions on this page are traditional and modern. Celebrate the joy and sanctity of your home with champagne symbolism as you visually overflow the abundance and happiness in your home by scattering your cushions across your favourite chairs and sofas.

Compare our champagne coloured cushions with similar colour options in the super-soft luxurious feel of our velvet cushion covers, the range of silver-grey alternatives and our super unique ivory cream selection. There are some gorgeous crushed mink champagne coloured velvet covers.

Treat yourself when you add a touch of decadence with new look stunning cushions in champagne cover options. If you want a set from one of our new collections, there are many cushions filled with a hand made 100% duck feather inner. Check out the full range of beautiful accent champagne cushions for your decor. Whether in cotton, patent, polyester or linen, others recommend many champagne cushions.

Let us know which champagne cushions you like best. We have lots of sizes, styles and colour palettes on this page. Or, if you prefer, we can make some suggestions for you based on your existing fabrics and your room's colour palette. Please do get in touch! Contact us if we can help with your champagne cushion choices.

Champagne Cushions

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