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Bohemian Style Cushions

Do Bohemian Boho Style Cushions reflect your personality? Artistic creatives use an eclectic mix of fabrics, patterns, and accessories. Whether it’s lacy crocheted effect neutrals on white yarn cushion covers or warm shades with a boho 70s style flair, you’ll get the right look.


Choose from a selection of artistic, relaxed and liberated statement accessories to pair with your cushion covers. Fall into the soft layered lines of boho cushion fashions. A casual creative mishmash of fabrics will complete the finish in your most relaxed of spaces.


Bohemian cushions style strongly mirror hippie fashions, in which the natural fabric retro patterns demonstrate 70s style flair. Boho cushions are a leading choice from music festivals to top tipi weddings.


Boho style is so much more than just a fashion trend. For many, bohemians represent their lifestyle ideology. Reject constraints to choose your cushions based on a popular retro look rather than the never-ending changes in annual fashion.


Choose the Bohemian cushion covers you like and mix them, rather than sticking to a conventional colour palette. Be bold and highly expressive - free-spirited - and refuse to dress your room in conformity. We understand that Bohemians are often romantic and choose their fabrics and style based on emotions and instinct. Style sense is unique to you.


Whether you love hand embroideries or medieval-inspired designs, there are cushion covers to match your choices. Perhaps it’s Russian art that inspired you or elements of Middle Eastern influences. Maybe textile designer William Morris patterns are some of your favourites for your interior designs. Cushions featuring lush florals, paisley prints and swirling colours are highly ornamental.


Reject the streamlined, polished cushions. Opt for cushions that feature embroidery patterns, mixed prints, fringes and larger sizes. One easy rule is to start with a colour palette of 6 to 12 colour hues that include warm and cold colours. Discover more about boho.


Choosing cushions allows for versatility in your collection, as you can add patterns to plains. For example, pick cushions in three different shades of red, such as pink, purple and orange. Or perhaps a cool palette in four shades of blue such as navy, peacock, silver and sky blue. Layer shades of beige, natural, greige with tapestry and tassels. Blend your colour choices and avoid solitary, isolated colours.


Buy bohemian style cushions with confidence. If you are trying to choose between two different cushions, take a look at our returns policy for peace of mind, or phone us to provide you with more information. We love making bohemian soft furnishing cushions to enhance your homes interior and exterior spaces. Let us know what sizes, styles and colour palette you prefer and we’ll make some suggestions for you.

Bohemian Cushions

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