Animal Print Cushions

Animal Themed Cushions

Brighten your room by turning the spotlights onto your animal print cushions. From Zebra stripes to Leopard print, beautifully designed animal print cushions add a definite statement to your home. Add some instant style and sophistication to the interior of your living, dining or bedroom spaces with Peacock colours.

If you prefer minimalist, then a single animal print cushion alongside a single handcrafted bowl or planter feature might be the perfect option for you. Choose a Tiger stripe with a selection of ochre, sienna, and black to layer your cushions and create a bold look.

Cushion patterns that imitate nature have seen a resurgence in clothing fashion and interiors alike. We’re here to help with a range of sumptuous designs. Evoke the gardens of India, with the rich iridescent blue of the Peacock alongside cyan sky blue and greens.

What we need now more than ever is a touch of glamour. Surround yourself with the things that make you feel fabulous. If serene green fabrics don't make you smile, then go for a safari! Perhaps consider adding some khaki cushions alongside sparkling zebra!

Animal print cushions are a look that is never truly out of style, so you can choose wildlife-inspired patterns that inspire you! Embrace animal print cushions so that your statement accessories are spot on (ha, yes, the pun is intended!), as people who love bold animal print tend to want to be proactive and love life! Faux-fur in plain shades sits well alongside animal print cushions.

Shiny mock leather-look, classic spotted leopard print, sleek tiger stripes and monochromatic zebra patterns offer the wildest, most memorable cushions for every season. Keep reading our blog as we're likely to feature some top picks and how customers have used them to style their interiors.

Leopard print may be the first pattern that springs to mind when you think of animal print. Although the key to great styling is to keep the layers of cushions as understated as possible, it doesn't mean that you have to opt for black or brown. Team up with sky blue cushions to add a naturally bright colour to your interior look.

Fabric designer fashion collections are an indication of what's to come. Animal print is written about as the most recurring trend. So we're clear that the animal print cushions are here to stay and offer a fantastic range of options. Please ask if you need any more hints and tips from us.

Animal Print Cushions

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