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We seem to have a thing for green cushions! When choosing new fabrics, botanicals are huge and seen everywhere from wallpapers to furniture and are massive in fashion right now. Search under prints and velvets to find our best florals, such as the Firmino shown above P466.

Whether you love the drama of a deep forest green, fern green, the bright freshness of lime or prefer to blend a classic sage with greys and yellow, use green cushions to seek serenity. Our green soft furnishing options combine comfort and stylish cushion fabrics.

Light green cushion hues can range from warm apple green to leafy fern green. Perhaps a jewel green is your favourite. Perhaps you've opted for an interior that is more of a Mediterranean olive? Some of our customers love the dark green choices described as lake green or even emerald green.

Teal has been an excellent choice for many years, and so if you have some much loved pre-loved elements in your room, then new cushions with a touch of green are definitely for you! A plain green cushion or popular green-grey colour options are calming near-neutral shades.

Green cushions are the perfect option for any season, with their natural tones. Summer, spring, winter or autumn, pick cushions for much-needed colour. Perhaps you're opting for a sage green wallpaper or paint shade. Update your space with a great set of new cushions.

The recent resurgence of sage green for interiors is perfect, as sage green blends with many interior choices. There is a range of household items from kitchen storage jars to dining room placemats in green shades. Scented green candles with fresh, earthy scents will also complement your choices of green interior elements.

Are you obsessed with house plants? You're not alone. Search Pinterest or Instagram, and you'll see some fantastic floral arrangements with house plants this year. Green cushion sales show no signs of slowing down, as green brings the outdoors in perfectly.

As many people with health issues understand, being immersed in nature is good for well-being. Add green cushions to your rooms to provide yourself with a soothing palette.

Incorporating green into your home is one of the easiest colours to choose. When you are looking for a subtle pop of colour, green cushions work well on your living room or bedroom furniture.

We offer an attractive choice of fresh and upmarket shades for your sophisticated interior look. Don't be afraid to add a touch of nature to your room. Browse our full range of green cushions, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any more information.

If you can't find precisely the green cushion you are looking for, give us a call:- 01524 846 987 and we may be able to help.

Green Cushions

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