Art Inspired Cushions

Quality Art Inspired Cushions

Fantastic Fine Art Inspired Cushions are available in sizes and fabrics to suit your lounge, bedroom, or dining room. Whatever you need, whether classic or making a statement, our knowledge and passion for art inspired cushion design will complement all your cosy spaces.


Harlequin is both classic and contemporary, within a broad range of designs. If this is the standout style you are looking for, there is bound to be something to suit your scheme. Perhaps choose harlequin fabric print colours and woven textures with bold geometric designs.


Consider our abstract art inspired designs if you want organic shapes for a softer look. Abstract cushions don’t attempt to use shapes, colours, forms with geometry. Instead, they offer you options in colours and gestural marks to achieve a flowing effect.


When thinking about your interiors, pick a shape or colour to simplify your scheme. Abstract means to separate something. Abstract art inspired cushions are free from the real world. So abstract cushions are a great choice if you move away from florals, architectural or animal prints.


OK, so you’ve considered the Harlequin and Abstract cushions, and now how about looking at Art Deco-inspired styles. Their geometric and angular shapes typify them with dramatic contrasts. Some of our customers love Art Deco glossy black lacquered furniture. In which case, we’d recommend mixing satins and furs for an Art Deco look.


Art Deco themes often echo advancements of the early 20th century. Think skyscrapers, aeroplanes or the influences of early black and white Hollywood films. A monochrome palette of cushions is a fantastic choice for Art Deco-inspired design. Choose cushions with a black-and-white geometric pattern.


A natural neutral colour scheme is ideal for an Art Deco living room. Art Deco-inspired soft cushions in neutral tones work well with dark-brown. Accessorise with satin and faux-fur cushions and add an animal print cushion for a bold focal point.


These ultra-stylish art cushions with subtle symmetry are guaranteed to add a touch of period drama to your spaces. We’ve mentioned black, white and brown monochrome, but don’t stop there if you like a pop of colour. Choose a velvet chenille to add depth to the retro look. Art Deco Cushions are available in golds, silver, peacock and wine colours.


Select from the very best of the range and options. Please do ask if you want our help with art inspired cushions.

Art Inspired Cushions

Frida on Emerald (44cm x 44cm)
Another Frida for our experimental budget line this time in traditional Mexican costume complete with pink flowered headband against an...
£12.00 GBP
Camden Slub Linen Pastel White (50cm x 50cm)
This is a beautiful random pastel print on a lovely slub linen.  Backed with a neutral linen and filled with...
£22.00 GBP
Arc Whirlpool (50cm x 50cm)
In an easy to care for fabric this vibrant abstract print in blue, beige, teal and lime reminds us of...
£20.00 GBP
Cube Cobalt (43cm x 43cm)
This striking cushion in what could be described as a tumbling cube gives a zing of bright colour.  We've noticed...
£15.00 GBP
Ballerina Left Tapestry (45cm x 45cm)
Your home should reflect your interests and personality thats why the Ballerina Tapestry cushion is the ideal addition to homes...
£22.00 GBP
Fowey (50cm x 50cm)
After several wonderful holidays in Cornwall here is our tribute to the area. Our new Fowey cushion in 50cm x...
£20.00 GBP
Etta Mallow (50cm x 50cm)
A clean and fresh looking cushion with an unusual design on it which reminds of formica table tops (yes just...
£25.00 GBP
Ballerina Tapestry Right (45cm x 45cm)
An elegant touch goes a long way when it comes to soft furnishings.  The Ballerina Tapestry Cushion is just one...
£22.00 GBP
Gatsby Blush (50cm x 50cm)
Another blush pink velvet cushion to add to our extensive range of velvets.  With a cut Art Nouveau design and...
£45.00 GBP
Gatsby Ochre (50cm x 50cm)
New to our extensive velvet range is this offering with a decidedly Art Nouveau persuasion.  Self backed and filled with...
£45.00 GBP
Etta Clementine (50cm x 30cm)
A lively print from Vila Nova we couldn't resist making a small version of this cushion.  Pair with a Charcoal...
£15.00 GBP
Fitzrovia Cameo (50cm x 50cm)
This dusty pink geometric cut velvet reminds me of an art deco design.  The geometric block style adds depth to...
£49.00 GBP