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Add copper cushion cover accents to your room for instant pizzaz! Make exciting, lively, and attractive choices with copper or bronze fabrics. Some have surface textures with rich rough, brown, gold, ochre, cinnamon, umber and sienna highlights against a copper background.



Go whichever way you want, from shiny copper to a beaten copper look. Add a soft glow to copper colour interiors when you incorporate a colour scheme of soft greys, cinnamon, rose or moody blue cushions too.



Copper shades are a great way to give some industrial look glamour to the kitchen, dining spaces and living rooms. Adding different textures adds contrast. Choose fabrics that complement features such as marble, brick or chalk paints. A lovely rich blue perfectly complements copper cushions in your scheme. Add a few touches of copper to lend warmth to a colour scheme of grey blues to add character and interest immediately.



Perhaps for a bedroom, you might prefer colours such as cinnamon and rose to pair with your copper cushions and throws. Cinnamon Rose and a metal colour scheme are a perfect combination of feminine and masculine. Colour cushion choices that balance can help you to achieve the dream bedroom. The best rooms are seamless blends of colours, comfort cushions and texture to engage the senses.



We understand that fabrics are your way to add character. Copper, cinnamon, rose, and subtle champagne can add sparkling accents. Mixing metals and other tones provide a soothing effect.



Although velvet fabrics are an easy update, perhaps use patterns in complementary colours to play with scale. Contrast masculine and feminine when adding some masculine tailoring striped copper cushions to a pretty chair.



If you want to update your room with rich materials, then starting with a palette that features crisp white pillows or cinnamon rose throws is ideal. A cool grey is an architectural neutral. A grey with a subtle blue undertone adds a contemporary touch with a sense of spaciousness. Keeping the decor understated provides a more relaxed feel. Then your copper cushions pair beautifully within the room.



Combine copper with your choice of scheme for perfect modern family living. Whether you prefer plain silks, textured stripes or pom-poms on the fringes, take a look at our copper cushions selection. Please ask us if you need more information about your colour scheme choices.

Copper Cushions

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