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Beige and greige are interior trends that show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. We offer many magnificent fabric cushions in beige muted, creamy, natural tones. Beige cushion covers are a favourite neutral.

Beige has a hint of pink to provide a subtle warmth to it. Both elegant and timeless, beige cushions are a perfect neutral backdrop to pair with many other tones in the colour spectrum. Its plainness and versatility are reliable. It's a soft colour for cosy interior spaces. Beige cushions and covers with soft beige prints are just what we need at the end of a busy, hectic day.

 We know precisely how the beige interiors and beige cushions work with other soft colours. Our colour collection images here offer you some dreamy options. Think of sunny times and calm, carefree moments, whatever the weather. Find space to choose and be comfortable. It's all about selecting cushions that help you to escape daily stresses.

Craft your peaceful sanctuary as you connect with nature. Make your surroundings a more meaningful space when you give some thought to the design.

Home is a space away from the busy and often louder working environment. For calm in your home, buy from our collection of beige cushions. Their earthy organic tones on soft and natural fabric materials invite you to lean back and rest. Re-connect with your surroundings on your new beige cushion choices.

Soft, squishy and oh so inviting beige cushions come in pains, and patterns, silky and smooth, with plain or contrast piping corners. We have embroidered cushions on beige backgrounds, tapestry cushions featuring beige as the base colour, beige tassel silk cushions with charcoal and cream, beige with fennel, plain taupe and many other shades.

Beige is a colour that is different depending on the shade. Some shades of beige have a hint of pink, some a hint of green. All beige cushions perform well as a base for patterns and printed designs that include other colours.

A simple patterned beige cushion is a great starting point. There is a trend for having three different cushions on a bed. Choose three 50cm's for the back with two 43cms cushions and a couple of bolsters at the front. You may go for plain at the back and use the front cushions to pack a punch with colour.

Whether you prefer beige cushions, cream cushions, greige cushions, taupe or white, we have them in various fabrics and designs.

Finally, here are some trend tips for beige interiors in your home. You can go for a tonal look by layering a neutral base with materials in varying shades of sand, khaki, taupe and ochre. If you want to add contrast, then a pop of pastels such as pale sky blue, light creamy yellow or fern green work well with your nature-inspired beige colour scheme. Keep all the walls neutral in an antique white or pale cream, and use your luxurious cushions to add brightness and colour. Enjoy!

Beige Cushions

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