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So how do you choose the cushions for your room? Take a look around your rooms, and you’ll start to see the geometric shapes and some simple geometric patterns that feature in classic décor. Stylish multi geometric cushions shapes and patterns include dots, lines, arcs, angles, circles, ovals, crescents and hexagons to provide contrasting and complimenting features for your lighting and accessories.

Knowing that your interior features strong cutting lines, geometric cushions become the natural choice. When you look at the geometric cushion design images, consider the textile prints as an extension of the forms of your key pieces of furniture in your room. The innate geometry of your side table, mirrors, rugs and even your tissue boxes can influence your choice of geometric cushions. Repeat in geometric cushions the stance around your room, and you’ll create an integrated geometric patterned interior. Here are some options to consider.

Patterns with triangles stand out. Too many different triangles in one space might overwhelm, so perhaps choose just one or two. Use triangular patterned geometric cushions sparingly to provide a confident, dynamic and energised scheme.

Circles are a more straightforward, softer, more natural geometric form. Circular geometric patterned cushions are regularly featured in interior design. Circular coffee tables elongated ovals form footstools, mirrors and rugs in many different sizes. It’s nice to contrast strong-lined oval geometric shapes with the softer circular geometric patterned cushions.

Historical references to the Ancient Greeks show us hexagonal geometric design in their interior mosaics and columns. Bees are the cutest of insects, and they certainly know how to make hexagons work for them! Specific shapes will always stand out. So, if you feature a hexagonal contemporary side table or even a hexagonal set of mats and coasters, you’ll immediately notice the effect it has on your room. The same is true for the geometric cushions with a hexagonal pattern.

When you style your room with multiple shapes and geometric patterns, the style you adopt is in the spotlight. The geometric cushion covers patterns are traditionally linked to Art Deco, Mid-Century or Contemporary. Go for careful cohesion by layering with plains and perhaps a feature print cushion or texture.

There are many geometric cushions in lots of colours and sizes, so enjoy browsing and choosing. Perhaps honour the humble bee when you add a touch of hexagonal to your interior printed design geometric cushions. Add lines of swirls or shapes of circles in geometric cushions that sit perfectly on your favourite chairs, bed or sofas to instantly add luxury to your decor.

Geometric Cushions

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