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Griege cushions are a popular choice. Although you might love the bright cushions in aqua or teal, sometimes a soothing range of cushion colours is all that you need. Colours to create a relaxing and serene feeling in bedrooms and, lounge, family room or dining space are greys, ochres, beiges and best of all greige.

Light brown that is grey with a hint of yellow and blue are greige, and the undertone is everything. Hold up a sample of greige fabric to taupe, and you’ll see a greyer shade. Perhaps you’ve found that the beige to taupe range doesn’t create the right look. Greige cushions are much more versatile.

The colour greige meshes well with other colours. It is a traditional timeless colour that will be in style for as long as you continue to love it! The colour grey is popular right now for furniture, carpets, curtains. The colour greige in your house will adapt to style changes far better than a classic grey.

Warm colours - such as red shades, yellows or orange – are known to inspire active feelings. While cool colours such as greige - with the hints of grey, beige, blues and greens - are widely held as calming. Perhaps blue light helps you relax more than white light, as it’s soft and more akin to nature and our natural moonlight.

There’s something a little bit special about a room that can make you feel calm and relaxed. Blending greige cushions in with your décor is a lovely way to start transforming your space. Whether your greige cushions are for the new nursery, your living space or a bedroom, it’s a comforting backdrop.

Choose greige cushions with the confidence of knowing that you can add a pop of colour alongside them. Whether that pop is in your statement piece of furniture, the pattern in your curtains or your decorations at Christmas, you are sure that they will work well with the soft, neutral greige background.

You can put beiges and greiges together to start to see the undertones of the greige colour itself. Plus, simply layering greige tones with other neutrals adds comforting elements to your room in a natural way.

The texture of cushions always adds interest. We know that people love to hold and feel the warmth of our cushions. Aim for both matte and shiny cushion textures in complimenting greige tones to please all of your family, friends and visitors.

Greige is a genuinely versatile colour that you will find helpful. Grey isn’t simply a combination of black and white, and grey has many different shades. The advantage of greige is that it adds a neutral texture alongside grey. If you want a fresh and contemporary yet timeless look that feels right in both natural and artificial light, then choose a set of greige cushions.

Add the very best unique pieces from our decorative cushions ranges to make the ultimate choice for your décor. Fit for any sofa, chair or bed, treat yourself to a set of outstanding greige cushions. You’ll be happy you did!

Greige Cushions

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