Gold Cushions

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Gold cushions add stylish beauty to both contemporary and vintage decors. Our gold cushions and gold covers collection also include a variety of yellow gold modern hues.


Layer up gold cushions with complementing prints or tapestries for an eclectic retro look. Or keep your scheme to a pairing of plains for a contemporary feel. Some pairings are timeless classics, like champagne with caviar or a satin box for pearls.

To create your decadent interior, combine classic colourways. The softness of rose pink and gold is undeniable. Green and gold are both impressive colours.

Gold is the ultimate symbol of luxury—the very glamorous gold as a plain neutral counterpart for more lush green patterned tones. Together, gold cushions with green florals are an elaborately magical way to get your room noticed.

Take a look at interiors throughout the ages. See a green sofa sitting on a golden brass base. Marvellous marble boxes trimmed with gold adorn the dresser. Elegant green vases adorn fine gold leaf side table furniture.

The gold cushions and green cushions colour combination inspire thoughts of beautiful emerald and gold jewellery from far-flung places.

The softness of rose pink cushions and gold cushions is a colour combination that has recently increased in popularity for both sofas and bedrooms. Rose gold and yellow gold with pink opal stones feature some of the most notable jewellery designers throughout the ages. And more recently, rose gold has been so much more than simply a millennial pink.

The demand for subtle pink-toned patterned cushions alongside metallic gold cushions has not wavered. Again because of the strong associations with some of the most glamorous interiors in the past.

Both men and women like a rose cushion with gold plains, as they together defy previously-accepted gender norms. Gold remains a popular cushion and covers range as it effortless gives a sense of luxury. The warmth and glow are undeniable, whether a pinky-red rose gold or coppery gold. When thoughtfully used in a lovingly created interior design scheme, there is something natural and ethereal about a gold cushion.

Unconsciously, people do associate colour with feelings. If you are attracted to gold cushions, it is suitable for you; even if it’s difficult to quantify, why know that the gold cushion colour feels ideal for you if it has great appeal.

Whether you opt for minimalist gold cushions or something golden for your rustic décor, your cushion choices reflect your desire to find serenity in everyday life.

Gold Cushions

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