Made in Lancaster

We really do love our home town of Lancaster, Lancashire.  When the company owner Neville moved here over 40 years ago with his family little did he know that he would start his own business and family in the same locality.  Using local knowledge and highly skilled local people he has grown his businesses every year.  

Neville acquired Stothert Cushions & in October 2015 from Joan Stothert who was looking forward to retirement.  We have been on a steep learning curve and have now perfected all aspects of making cushions from receiving the raw materials to shipping beautiful products to our customers.  It is fascinating to see a roll of fabric being delivered to our factory and then to see it turned into fabulous cushions ready to grace the nations sofas.

We take pride in having a specific quality and Kelly ensures that only 100% perfect cushions are shipped out.  All our pads are hand made in our factory with ethically sourced 100% duck feathers.  When you see Made in the UK on our products we mean it.

We also have a mesh filtration business, Normesh Ltd and an FME (foreign materials exclusion) business, Lancastle Sewing Ltd and cover a wide range of industries.  Normesh makes bespoke filtration products such as tap nets, lints screens and products for many other applications.  Lancastle makes a variety of products for many different areas including the nuclear industry, the optical industry and several more.  If you require more information just email us using our contact details and we will contact you asap.