Contemporary Cushions

Quality Contemporary Cushions

Refresh your rooms with contemporary cushions. Start some fun with stylish decorative covers from us. Unique designs match various colour palettes of sofas, couches, beds. Perhaps update the look of your bedding, rugs, or curtains by adding a sprinkle of contemporary cushions in your room.


Contemporary cushions are a perfect way to style your home or office. Customers love our stylish cushions in their study spaces, studio rooms, clubs, bars, and more. Whether you want to brighten the kids' playroom or your café business, we have lots of choices for you. Contemporary cushion decor accessories are ideal if you have plain bench seating.


Cushion in contemporary colours adds a touch of comfort to any room —the range of colours suits existing décors, offering delicate patterns, evoking greenery and the outdoors. If you know which selection of colours you need, look at the full range available.


As a finishing touch to bed linen, cushions add a contemporary touch. For a quick home update, you can't beat a new set of cushion covers. Whether you want a flash of colour, placement of pattern or layers of textures, contemporary style cushion covers solve many decorating dilemmas. Our top lick options include velvet classics, linen lines, and striking contemporary cushion statement designs.


We know that you'll love our luxury fabrics, evident in the fantastic range of contemporary cushions. Choose your favourites from bold geometric patterns, simple stripes, and plains in a whole spectrum of the most beautiful shades.


Some of the hand-printed designs lend a distinctive feel. Many of the textiles in our contemporary collection are inspired by the changing seasons of colours. Some cushions are handcrafted with a natural process that makes them so individual.


Bring pieces of positivity with contemporary cushions decorated with bold patterns. Pair patterns with plains to mix and match to the best effect. Bold contemporary designs alongside plains are never bland.


Elegant outlines of classic furniture become more contemporary retro alongside the suitable blends of contemporary cushions. The subtle uses of colour palette and contrast make the classic desirable once more. Eclectic designs teamed with retro flair make them perfect for rooms needing a contemporary boost.


Fluffy cushions are an excellent option for rooms in need of cosy corners. Look no further than these contemporary cushions made from woven cotton with tactile textures such as the fabulous striped cotton and linen blend cushion. Alongside fluffy, add tufts, fringes, tassels or maybe you prefer a pom-pom or two? Give oversized recliners, sofas and cuddle chairs an instantly inviting feel.

Contemporary Cushions

Navajo Long Cushion (60cm x 28cm)
A contemporary cotton print from Scion, in Tomato red/Multi colour way, making a 60cm by 28cm cushion with great style....
£18.00 GBP
Serengeti Sahara Copper (43cm x 43cm)
We loved these so much that we have one on our day bed at home paired with a Soho Cinnamon! ...
£25.00 GBP
Fraction Gilded (60cm x 40cm)
Fraction Gilded can be purchased as a single cushion or as part of a collection. Backed with oyster coloured cotton...
£28.00 GBP
Crimp Gilt (50cm x 50cm)
Crimp Gilded can be purchased separately or as part of a collection. Features a chevron pattern in gold gilt.  Backed...
£30.00 GBP
Nevada Blush Pink (43cm x 43cm)
A geometric design from Romo in blush pink filled with our 100% Duck Feather inner. Front & Back 100% Linen Inner...
£40.00 GBP
Coralite Seagrass (43cm x 43cm)
This is one of our more popular designs from Harlequin and the Seaglass is our latest colour.  Stick this with...
£25.00 GBP
Crimp Sterling Silver (60cm x 60)
Crimp Sterling Silver can be bought separately or as part of a collection. Would look good in a predominantly grey...
£40.00 GBP
Eternity Magnolia (60cm x 40cm)
Eternity Magnolia is a lovely shade of cream with a luxurious sheen to it and a hexagonal repeat design. Supplied...
£35.00 GBP
Eternity Magnolia (50cm x 50cm)
A new boudoir cushion this time in Magnolia or cream which would be perfect for a neutral decor.  Pair it...
£25.00 GBP
Silver/Blue Corallino (43cm x 43cm)
Lovely textured silver base cloth with a light blue weave in it; self piped and supplied filled with our duck...
£25.00 GBP
Key Neptune (50cm x 30cm)
This jacquard weave Key design in dark navy blue complements our 50cm x 50cm version (D133).  The design gives depth to this...
£20.00 GBP
Key Morello 2 (50cm x 30cm)
A brand new addition to our range is the Key Morello also available as a 50cm x 50cm and also...
£20.00 GBP
Kyra Nectarine (43cm x 43cm)
Kyra is a lovely shade of pale orange or nectarine with a textured geometric design in a silky type fabric. ...
£22.00 GBP