The Workshop

In our workshops we have a dedicated team of professionals working on all aspects of cushion making from those who expertly cut our beautiful fabrics to those who craft that same material into a new born cushion!  

Cutting out Doubling Material sets

We created a bespoke room especially to hand craft our own feather inner pads which enables us to make any size or quantity of feather inner that we need.  Robert does a special squeeze test on every new batch of feathers as they are all slightly different; just another way in which our cushions are the best.

Pat and Carol ensure that we adhere to strict high standards of sewing and are both experts in piping, sewing velvets, dog coats,table runners, napkins, tote bags and even slippers!

We like to say that if you can cut it and sew it we can supply it so give us a try and see what we can come up with.