When no one can see your blog....

Posted by Karen Clokey on
When no one can see your blog....

Test blog to find out if anyone out there can even see our site!

Yes we have a good name for a cushion website and we sell not just traditional tapestry, print and velvet cushions but high end cut velvet and designer prints. We have some fabulous Andrew Martin Glacier cushions featuring a geometric design in hot pinks and bright blues.  Look deeper and we have a large range of plain silk dupion cushions with a gorgeous slub element to them.  If velvet cushions are your thang and why wouldn't they be we have offerings in designers guild Jeannerret fabric in three colours.  We also have beautiful jacquard velvet from Art of the Loom (Crocodilia Sunset V751) which is stunning if we do say so ourselves.

As we are in the same town as a major print works we have a huge range of print cushions ranging from sepia tones (sepia grey jungle P406) to orange based cushions (Zebedee Picante D183).  To be frank I've no idea how a blog works or if anyone bothers to read this one but if you do happen across us show a humble British manufacturer some love and find the cushions of your dreams.

We have moved all our factories into one facility as of this week and once we are settled in the new year we will have an increased capacity for new projects in all our departments.

All our team wish you a Happy Christmas and a hopefully better 2023!  

Neville, Karen and the team

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