How to Wash Velvet Cushions

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How to Wash Velvet Cushions

Velvet is a high-quality fabric with a luxurious look and feel. So can you wash velvet cushions? Protect the beautifully lush look by following our guide about what to consider before you choose to clean your velvet cushions.

Velvet is delicate and can be tricky to wash or remove stains in one patch, as the patch will differ from the rest of the fabric.

Careful velvet cushion cleaning - to keep your velvet cushions looking and smelling fresh - provides a continued special glamour for your room. The bright, unique warmth they offer is worth the extra effort.

Washing velvet cushions.

Before you consider washing velvet cushions, please read the label. If the label clearly states, ‘dry clean only’, the recommendation is to take them to a dry cleaner as they are experts and offer guarantees.

If you choose to try to clean them on your own, there are no guarantees about the quality of the result, but you can consider washing velvet cushions. People report excellent results from careful hand-washing or machine washing on a very short, gentle cycle.

Machine or Hand Washing Velvet Cushions.

If your velvet cushions are crushed velvet or polyester velvet, perhaps try to wash them by hand in a bowl of water. Dissolve a tiny amount of fabric detergent in lukewarm water, allowing the water to cool before you wash the velvet cushions.

Don’t wash velvet in hot water because it can shrink fine velvet. Use only mild fabric detergent or a specific washing detergent produced especially for velvet. If you decide to wash your cushions in a washing machine, choose the gentle or hand wash cycle.

Use gentle movements to clean away dust and dirt. Avoid twisting the fabric or scrubbing a patch area so that you protect the velvet shape and finish. Gently rinse the cushions in clean, cool water until you don’t see more soap or residue.

Spot Cleaning Velvet Cushions with Delicates Detergent.

If your velvet cushions are stained, you can consider spot cleaning them.
Mix a teaspoon of a delicates detergent in a bowl with two cups of cold water. Dip a soft white clean cloth, wring out well before dabbing stains until the stain loosens. Avoid rubbing velvet cushions to limit damage to the delicate fabric tufts.

To rinse the detergent, repeat the process with a clean cloth prepared with cold water until removing all soap from your cushions is completed.

Freshen Up Your Velvet Cushions.

If your cushions need a freshen up, a handheld steamer is useful. A steamer can smooth wrinkles to make the velvet appear clean once more. If you don’t have a steamer, try hanging the velvet cushions over a steamy, fragrant bath instead.

How To Dry Your Velvet Cushions.

Don’t put your velvet cushions in a tumble dryer. The excessive tumbling - along with the heat - can shrink velvet covers and ruin soft luxurious velvet textures.

Hang cushions outside on a fine day if you can. Or hang in a well-ventilated room. Always use specially designed hangers for cushions or place them on a flat surface above clean layers of white cloths to let them dry naturally. If the white cloths become soaked, replace them with another set of white cloths to ensure the cushions dry as quickly as possible.

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