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Sitting in the kitchen looking out of the window and willing myself to get togged up and take the new puppy out for a walk.  I absolutely love Autumn but hate getting cold so it is on with the layers for me.  Paddy should be ok with just his fur to keep him warm.

Thinking of keeping warm I am starting to use our warm wool throws in the evenings.  When it is too early to switch on the central heating (hold off as long as you can) then a nice woollen throw is just the ticket when you are all cosied up on the sofa.

Let us know what you think of our 100% Wool throws and if you'd like to see more of them.  Should we do them in velvet too?  Does a throw always need fringing?  Trying to decide if I should swap all my cushion covers now that the Autumn season is really blowing in.  Our wool plaid cushions really do warm up an interior.  

Must dash as Paddy is really insisting that we venture out into the wild wind and driving rain.  Well at very least I will be able to get some blackberries and apples.... 

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