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We may be late to the tropical botanical party but we are putting that right now.

We get lots of enquiries about the different fabrics that we use and this one from ILIV has been very popular.  We even made a lovely floor cushion for our niece who was moving away and needed a little more seating.  You may not know but we hand cut all our cushions so that we can be sure of pattern placing etc and can spot any flaws in the fabric.  Eventually we will have a giant sale on our premises however we are so busy churning out cushions that we never get time to organise this!  Watch this space eh?!

We continue to be very active on Instagram and do a little bit of Soshall Meeja on Facebook too.  Maybe we should also go back to school and learn how to spell....

As I'm writing this we are shutting down the factory for the long bank holiday weekend but there is just time to tell you that we have a discount code which is active from 24th May to 6th June. Just type in the discount code MAYDAY2019 at checkout to receive 15% off your order just don't tell Mr Cushions!

Happy Bank Holiday to y'all.


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