New Year, new decade

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New Year, new decade

Yes I'm late to the party but have been busy for the whole of January and haven't even thought about posting a blog (tbh not really sure what they are)!  Maybe I shouldn't be left alone with a website and a laptop....


I'll just keep posting about all the new stuff that we have made in our factory oop norf.  One day someone will see all our fantastic products and say to their friends that they all ought to buy some new cushions and then Neville will be a happy boy ( is his business not mine, I just try to help out).  Ahh one day our dreams will come true.  


After my slimming shake for lunch (trying to get rid of my baby belly now that our youngest offspring is almost 17) I will be putting together a collection of our nicest pink cushions.  Pink seems to be an in colour at the moment or as it is usually described, blush pink!  We have stock in really bright sari pink down to the some that are as pale as germolene.  

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