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Not sure how many if anyone at all reads these blogs but I will keep going until someone tells me to please stop.

Obviously we are still making tonnes of cushions for the website and as I am a massive fabric hoarder they are all different styles.  Luckily for me there are lots of fabric representatives who call in at the factory and every time they arrive I'll say I'm definitely not buying anything this time..... Every time I do buy something new.  There are so many styles to choose from.  

Since I was little I have absolutely hated the feel of velvet and it still makes me cringe and shiver but now I have to cut it and sew it I can appreciate its quality's a little more.  Plain velvet and silk cushions seem to be perennials in our store but we have so much more to offer.  Recently we have been offered lots of samples of silky boudoir type fabric in pale pastel shades ie blush pink!  

My favourites are the weaves as it takes more imagination to place them in an interior design.  What are your favourite design tips and styles?  We've recently bought Urban Charcoal, Ramie Silver and a few different Huntington colours like Cinnabar, Pastel and Coral.  Obviously our home is stuffed with cushions however we only have pillows in our bedroom!  Must remedy that....

TTFN dear readers I am signing off following a long day editing and will probably have a thrombosis now as I've been sitting for so long!

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