Custom Colour Combinations for your Custom Cushions

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Custom Colour Combinations for your Custom Cushions

Custom Cushions

Does colour play a huge role in determining how you feel in the environment around you? Let custom colour combinations inspire your custom cushions.

New colour pairing and custom cushions could be a simple answer to invigorate your living room with your own unique style. Take a look at some of these colour ideas to inspire your custom cushion covers.


Are you creating a calm oasis with your neutrals?

Custom cushion colours don’t have to be bold to be beautiful. Embrace a neutral colour palette in your home. Create a cocooned, cosy space with neutrals of greys with whites or beiges with stone hues. Combine your neutrals to create harmonious schemes with timeless appeal. Perhaps you have natural wooden furniture. This look works best when all the elements are kept neutral, from the wall paint to your custom cushions.


Do you want to mix shades of pink for a scheme that has warmth?

Pink comes in glorious styles to create sophisticated touches, from earthy mink neutrals to creamy wafer biscuit tones. When it comes to maxing the impact of pink, the key is to choose custom cushions in tones of pink. Avoid the scenario of feeling too sickly, sweet or showy.


Do ground shades in earthy colours match the palette you prefer?

Warm neutrals of grey, sandy browns, moss and fern green, feel comforting because of their grounding. The beauty of natural hues exudes understated allure. Custom earthy cushion colours pair beautifully with many colour palettes. Earthy coloured custom cushions adapt to the surroundings.

Are you trying the find the perfect pairing of pink and powder blue?
So, we’ve talked about mixing shades and tones of pink, but how about the childlike colours of soft pink and powder blues. Choose to mix and match your custom cushions in shades of chalky pink colours such as dusky pink. Don’t be tempted to add bright metallics! Keep your scheme sophisticated.

Do you want to mix botanical patterns with marine blues?

Pair custom cushions in marine-inspired greens and ocean blues to reflect a calming scheme. Echo the colours of your local coastal landscape. Add some extra character to your neutral spaces by adding cushion fabrics featuring flora and fauna patterns. Paint your walls in single blocks of marine blue colour, add plain flooring and plain sofas to keep your cushions as the main accent without fuss. You could try the boldest of floral prints for your oversized custom cushions. Add a giant lamp and large floor standing ceramics to your eye-catching scheme. Clever grouping of cushions adds interest to the finished custom cushion look.


You can evoke sunnier climates with bright and beige.

Beige layers of custom cushions in textured fabrics - from pieces of cotton to natural hessian - can transport you to Caribbean island climes. Bring staycation style into your living room with your favourite custom cushions, large and small. Add some rustic accessories, such as terracotta pots wicker baskets and add tassels to your cushions for interest in your new look.


Do you lean into your dark side with the deepest of navy?

Create intrigue by painting one of your walls in the dramatic deepest shade of navy and playing it safer on the other walls. Your deepest navy custom cushions will come into their own in this context. Hence they prove a popular choice for current custom cushion customers. The key to balancing your custom cushion fabric choices is large neutrals, whether in your feature furniture or décor.

Perhaps you’re perfecting your understated elegance with pale peach?
Shake off the sickly sweet image of peach as you reinvent the classic favourite with a myriad of soft custom cushion covers. Delicate peach blossoms can release your zen feelings. Team peach with grey tones and whites for a warm Mediterranean feel. Subtle hints of peach compliment occasional furniture.


Are jewel-toned colours the fantastic choice for your furnishings?

Use jewel tones fearlessly in your options of custom fabric colours and accessories. From deep aquamarine turquoise to jade green, amethyst to emerald, gorgeous jewel custom cushion colours works vibrantly together. Combine your jewel custom cushions with black, grey or white plains for a successfully creative scheme.


How will you combine some complementary colours?

Deep green cushions can uniquely make a room feel cosy in winter, as well as cool in summer. Bring soft leather colours with orange undertones to the mix for pairings directly from nature. Add a hint of indigo blue for a custom cushion colour mix of quiet confidence.

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