How To Choose New Cushions For Your Sofa

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How To Choose New Cushions For Your Sofa

When your living room starts to look a bit old and tired, then it’s time to choose new cushions for your sofa. Living rooms can become a dumping ground, and heavy wear and tear start to make them look a little shabby without the chic!

The task of redecorating your main living room might be too big a project to consider. So before you get stuck into moving your furniture, replacing carpets or re-painting, consider how to choose new cushions for your sofa to spruce up your room.

When chosen correctly, cushions pull together elements of your room. You can bring harmony to a mismatched room. Use this handy guide to help you to find the ideal cushions for your sofa.

Cushion textures and colours palette.

Cushions are an excellent way to add the right colours and textures to your room. Having cushions to exactly match your sofa is a wasted opportunity, as they blend in and look like a lumpy addition to your sofa furniture.

Add cushions that complement other colours in your room and the colour of your sofa. Cushions are an effective change to your room and a faction of the cost of new artworks.

You are choosing your colour palette - probably the essential step in your process. Carefully selected cushions can pull together the different elements in your room to help create a harmonious look.

Living rooms are usually full of lots of different colours and patterns. The colours of your walls, the curtains, the wall units, side tables, and ornaments add colour and texture. Things can feel hectic and mismatched, but a few choice cushions can draw attention to the soft comfort of your sofa.

Decide how many cushions by arranging them.

How many cushions to purchase depends on the look of the room. If you like a more traditional style with deep colours, then perhaps stick to an even number of cushions for your sofa. If you want an eclectic look, then an odd number will work.

Try to visualise your new look by browsing our photos. Three seater sofas can take up to 5 cushions, two-seaters will be less. A cuddle chair sofa probably needs just one cushion.

There are no rules about how many cushions, but you can maximise their effect by arranging them. An excellent way to achieve a classic living room is to go for a set of cushions, matching your cushion choices on each end. If you want a modern look, then mix up the cushions on your sofa. Choose to set one large cushion or stack complete with cushions – it will look amazing too.

Now for the fun bit! You can start shopping.

Sit in the room with your sofa to imagine the cushions destined for it (while you browse online). Trying to remember your vision about your room at home while physically in a shop is tricky. Have a sample of your colour palette close by to select a range of cushions. Unless you are confident about styling, it might be safe to stick with cushions that have one dominant colour in them.

Have fun browsing for your perfect collection.

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