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Now that we are well into the New Year it seems like the world is alive with change which we choose to believe holds opportunity.  The factory is at full tilt with lots of business to business work booked in and work in progress. We are now more active on Facebook and also post frequently on Instagram however we need to work on our Twitter posts!  

One of the things that I personally love about working with fabric is the endless diversity of patterns, designs and prints and usually I love them all.  Late on a Friday afternoon I will choose some fabric to cut and sew myself as I strongly believe that we should all nurture our skills.  Granny Anne is so proud that what she taught me when I was a child is still relevant to me all these years later.  

We love to hear from our customers about where they use cushions they've bought from us and photographs of them are even better.  Recently I even made apron and tea towel gifts for friends and they even wear them!

Keep an eye on our website for luxurious faux fur, new neutrals and interesting prints.  We do cushions in all sizes and shapes.

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