A year at the Cushionarium!

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A year at the Cushionarium!

Now that we have spent a full year at cushions.co.uk we thought we'd reminisce about our experiences.

Neville and I didn't have a strong opinion on the subject of cushions until we took over this business.  On day one we were unloading what felt like a ten van loads of fabric, machines and feathers every hour and we honestly never thought they'd stop.  In the end we'd moved everything in down to the brewing up tackle (this is what keeps the factory going along with lots of biscuits) and were ready for the next day.  Our fantastic and talented staff whipped the new factory into shape and were making beautiful cushions in no time.  We were so busy that we had to turn off the website but still supplied customers who simply rang their orders through.

The exciting task of choosing new fabrics for the website was left to poor old Karen (chortle, chortle) who made the most of the opportunity.  There is a skill to selecting things based on mood boards and magazine clippings and one of next years tasks will be creating a frequently updated board.  Needless to say our home is now filled with cushions of all sizes and descriptions; well we do have to test them in real conditions don't we?Our two sons give us brutally honest feedback telling us what is 'sick' (apparently that means good).

We have welcomed back long standing customers on the website and supplied lots of new customers who leave us their honest feedback.  Having completely overhauled the previous website we are really proud of what we have been able to achieve.  Our customers like the look and functionality of the website and we try to add as much new product as we are able to.  One of our latest innovations is to add a trade page as we do get lots of requests from trade customers and also from designers needing one off bespoke designs.  You'd be amazed where our cushions find homes; we have even supplied a prestigious college in Oxford and a high street restaurant chain.

Not content with simply cushions in all their variety we have tried our hands at table runners, napkins, table cloths and throws. Our new motto is if you can cut it and sew it we can do it so why not give us a try your home is ready for one of our beautiful cushions.  

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