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It is true to say that I am obsessed by home decor, design, fabric, sewing I could go on and likely will!  Probably an accurate description would be to say my obsession is with cushions. Until I started to experiment and make cushions I didn't pay any attention to how they were made and now I do.  

In our factory we pay attention to even the smallest details.  For instance with unpiped cushions we overlock all the seams so that even when your lovely cushion is inside out it will look neat.  

We use a special foot on our machines to make even our standard zips a work of art. 

Check out some of our new cushions in the Cinder range in beautiful colours such as the lime green Cinder Ore, the fashionable silver one called Cinder Sterling, the Cinder Red or if you prefer something neutral/natural Cinder Alabaster.  If you love interiors then you will know how the right cushion in a fabulous colour can change the mood of a room.

We have plenty of velvet, linen, cotton and printed cushions in pink, cerise, red, natural, green and monochrome.

Look out for a Black Friday code soon.  

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