Quality Bolster Cushions

Bolster cushions – our stunning range of narrow cylindrical cushions – offer style with comfort. The key to the purpose of the bolster cushion is in the name - to bolster! The bolster pillow is described as a bolster to support sleep. Our bolster cushions come in a range of covers so that you can use them as pillows or for decorative effect in your bedroom if you wish.


Sofas look attractive, feel comfortable in a showroom, and you can always try them before you buy. However, after a few nights lounging on your new sofa, you might crave a little more back support. That’s when a long, narrow cushion is ideal. You might also want a bolster for armrest support if the sofa is not entirely comfortable.


The decorative effect of the bolster cushion certainly has enduring appeal. The word Bolster dates back from a similar phrase used in 12th century Old English. History seems to suggest that they were designed to be hugged when sleeping. So are bolster cushions pillows or props? They are suitable for the ends of sofas, beds, daybeds or chez lounges.


Luxurious fabrics envelop the classic bolster pillow to offer comfort, form and function. To add a distinct appeal to your setting, select a bolster in lush velvet to match your colour scheme. Or choose a grey bolster cushion to unite other colours together.


As a decorative throw pillow, the bolster cushion is a distinctive visual decoration that offers you additional support. It is a cushion for both comfort and is visually versatile. There are limitless fabrics, colours, patterns, or essential velvet accents available and ready for you.


Sleeping with a soft bolster cushion is popular. Try a bolster cushion to create a hugging pillow if you struggle to sleep soundly. There is no wrong side to these pillows. They are simple and easy to use! Try a bolster cushion under your knees (while on your back) to support the natural curve of your legs. If you are a side sleeper, use a bolster cushion as an armrest for extra arm support. Try healthy changes to your lifestyle and comfort! You deserve it!


You cannot underestimate the comfort of snuggling up to something at night. It is soothing and comforting for children to have their favourite snuggle toy or a blanket. So, as adults, we can use our favourite cushions to help us sleep. There are many research studies about supported sleep. We haven’t investigated the science, but we are here to help you choose your favourite cushions and covers to support your lifestyle choice.


If your cushions are entirely for decorative purposes, bolster cushions are chic. Their various sizes and covers are lovely. Place a bolster cushion on chairs and sofas geometrically. The rounded shape of the bolster cushion brings sophistication and adds a focal design element. Match your bolster cushions to your upholstery or choose a contrasting texture and patterned design. Make your choices online, or get in touch to find out more.

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